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How it works

Here is how it works

Fill out inquiry & liability form

Fill out a short inquiry form that will give us some basic information and learn more about the athlete!

session setup

Soon after completing the inquiry form, we will contact you to set up an evaluation session to assess your athlete's level

1on1 Evaluation Price: $75 

Group Evaluation Price: $35

Sign up for membership

After the evaluation session, the coach that worked with your athlete will share their observations and come up with a game plan for your athlete's development.

Get training! 

You can mange all of your bookings through our mobile app.

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class schedule

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memberships & packages

Unlock Invictus Member benefits when you purchase a membership or package:

  • Individual Development Plans 3x/year with specific insight to the athlete

  • Exclusive member pricing on merchandise, camps/clinics, leagues, and more

our Training program

Our training methodology is founded on four areas of performance: mental, physical, technical, and tactical, forming each player with these at the core. By individualizing each player's training program and framing their current abilities within this approach, we provide the most comprehensive supplemental training program in the region

private training

Our 1-on-1 training approach hones in on the unique needs of each player, delivering invaluable guidance, mentorship, and repetition from our expert coaches.

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With a maximum of 10 players per coach, this supplemental training style in small groups focuses on a skill-specific curriculum, allowing for optimal repetition, feedback, and learning, all within a competitive environment that encourages development.

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desreie g.

"Since training with Invictus my daughter's confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. The group training and individual sessions are great. What stands out to me most is the coaches attending my daughter's games and providing input and continued adjustments to her training to make her a great soccer player. The coaches are very committed to the growth of the players."

loni g.

"Invictus is best in class for youth soccer performance training! Their coaches take the time to develop players based on their individual skill sets and level. They are approachable, great with kids, and have tremendous knowledge of the game. In a few short months, my daughter has transformed her game and is so much more competitive at a young age. Highly recommend!"

parker t.

"I have been playing, starting, and practicing with the best team in Vegas, and I wouldn’t have made it to this point without Invictus. I haven’t just gained skill and improved my passing, I have gained a mental fortitude for the game. To me, mental fortitude means not getting stressed about mistakes. Every part of my game has increased dramatically since I joined Invictus."

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