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the story of invictus

Our goal is simple; personal and player development through the beautiful game. our hearts are in the local soccer community, as our elite coaching staff all spent their youth development in the las vegas valley. We've brought back years of professional/college playing experience along with studies at the doctoral-level to form the most holistic, individualized, and effective training program for your athlete.

why invictus?

Holistic development approach. We've adopted all of the physical, technical, tactical, and psychosocial elements of the game into our training methodology to ensure all areas of your player's game are developed. Invictus offers many development platforms to meet player's needs; 1on1, small group, futsal, specialized camps/clinics.

Professional/collegiate playing experience. Our coaches know and breathe the beautiful game. An added benefit, this mentorship fosters empathy and a strong coach-player bond as they go through the journey together.

Learning-centered approach. Aside from the intensity of our sessions, we pride ourselves in fostering a learning environment for all players. Alan Goldstein (U.S. Soccer Educator and Master's in Education) leads our coaches in a pedagogical and evidence-based approach to player development.

Details, details, details. When it comes to skill acquisition, every rep matters. We focus on quality, not quantity, which requires a refined eye to observe and optimize technique. Dr. Jose Labanino (Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) leads our coaches in a biomechanical approach to player development.

Most important... we care! No matter your level of involvement with Invictus, we are invested in your athlete's development. Transparent feedback is an ongoing process, with Invictus Members getting detailed player assessments 3 times per year.

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Our Team

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