These three areas of performance are the root of our training methodology. In order to develop top level talent, each player is formed with these three serving as the foundation. We individualize each player's training program, framing their current abilities within our training methodology. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive supplemental training program in Idaho and Las Vegas.

Technical development

We develop the player's technical ability so that they can perform the correct technique given the situational demand of the game, being able to execute with precision and timing. Through a meticulous biomechanical approach, we teach players the small details that go behind every technique (ie. first touch, passing, shooting, dribbling, 1v1 ability). Players are also prescribed technical homework/programs to address technical deficiencies and expedite their learning process.

physical development

If a player can't control their own  body, they can't control the ball.. simple as that. We emphasize the development of the athlete and their ability to move their body efficiently and explosively. Our trainers are certified through the NSCA and NASM, well equipped with the knowledge to develop top-tier athletes. Areas of emphasis when it comes to physical development include; soccer-specific strength and conditioning, coordination, sprint mechanics, change of direction mechanics, and injury prevention.

mental development

The mental/cognitive aspect of performance is too often undervalued. This lies at the root of our methodology because without it, players will not be equipped to deal with the high demands of the game or life. We develop proactive and dangerous players through speed of thought based trainings, preparing players for the high speed of today's game. Our coaches challenge each player to step out of their comfort zone, make mistakes, and learn to embrace them as part of the process. The 1on1 experience provides a unique environment where our coaches are able to mentor not only the player, but the person.