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learn more before the evaluation session!

In group evaluation sessions, your player will participate in a session with the coach, where they will receive additional focused attention to assess their skill level.

What to expect at the evaluation session

In private evaluation sessions, your player goes through multiple drills focused on technical ability as well as physical. from there the coach will focus on what is needed and what they need to improve on. 

What our trainings look like

Private Training

This training style allows for the player to work with the trainer 1on1, focusing on the individual needs of the player that entire session. The instruction, mentorship, and repetition that players receive in private trainings is invaluable, especially through our coaches at Invictus Soccer Performance.

Group training

This supplemental training style is designed for players to develop in the small group setting. We max our group trainings off to 10 players per coach, to allow for optimal repetition, feedback, and learning. Group trainings are broken off by Levels, which are not age specific but skill specific. A competitive environment and Invictus methodology allows for great development to occur within this supplemental training style. 

Group levels


Group Schedule

Class Schedule - 24 × 36 (1).png
Class Schedule - Big Print Out.png

Subscription pricing

save $50


4 private sessions per MONTH

discounted member pricing on merchandise, camps & leagues

best value (save $140)


4 privates+ 4 Groups

discounted member pricing on merchandise, camps & leagues

Save $40

$100/per MONTH

4 Groups per MONTH

discounted member pricing on merchandise, camps & leagues

$225/per MONTH


discounted member pricing on merchandise, camps & leagues

What people say about our program

My son Aiden ( 2012) has been training with Invictus for 9 months now and the results so far have been magnificent! Aiden started here as a good player and now he's developing into a top elite player with a lot of confidence which he lacked before finding Invictus. His technique, speed, and quick touch have grown tremendously which has helped him embrace his new position with his team. As a parent, I strongly recommend Invictus training because it's a great tool for a player to develop and sharpen their skills. As for my son, he loves training with Invictus and always looks forward to the next training session. Aiden still has a long road ahead but thanks to Rafa and Jose, he's heading in the right direction.

- Daniel Perez

Shout out to Coach Jay and Coach Jose! My son, Justice has been training at Invictus for about one year now. Coach Jay, who is Justice's primary trainer has continued to challenge Justice to push himself and his limits as he takes his technical ability to another level. Unlike many other trainers that I've taken Justice to in the past, Coach Jay's thoroughness and attention to detail have not only created obvious results in my son's overall soccer abilities, but as a parent, he has continued to communicate and keep me involved and updated regarding a week to week goals for Justice and his planned training regimen. If you are searching for a local soccer training program, Coach, or facility, I would highly recommend Invictus Performance as their dedication to each player's success and development is top-notch! 

- Kylen Lewis

Since training with Jose and the Invictus team, my son’s soccer confidence has grown substantially. The Invictus coaches are always positive and invested in their trainees’ progress, and it shows in my son’s soccer play. We’ve had the opportunity to train with multiple Invictus coaches and all coaches maintain a fun competitive environment. Invictus group training sessions are great. As a parent, it’s fun to watch as the kids challenge each other and grow their individual soccer skills and build lifelong friendships. Invictus Individual Development Plans catered to each player really set Invictus apart from other training programs we’ve attended.  I would recommend Invictus to anyone looking to find a place where their child or young adult can grow and develop and achieve their soccer goals.

- Winston Branch

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