daniel egly

  • director of coaching

  • ISP coach

Sporting career​​

  • Táncsics M HS, Hungary, 1999-2001

  • UNLV Swimming, 2006-2010 (4-time MWC Champion)

  • Professional swimmer 2010-2011

Positions played

  • Midfielder

  • Striker

  • Fullback

Favorite player

  • Thomas Muller, Gerard Moreno, N'Golo Kante, and Robert Lewandowski


coaching Specialties

  • Coaching the decision-making process

  • Soccer specific speed and agility

  • Competitive mindset training

  • Position-specific training

Favorite thing about coaching

  • “My coaches have given me so much and I wouldn’t be anywhere without them, now I look to play that same role as a coach myself. I set  my mission to help players find confidence while developing them on and off the field.  I encourage them to set goals and inspire them to be resilient in order to make their dreams come true.”